Architecture Drawings

Block 02, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_01-DR-A-1201

Block 02, First Floor, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B02_01-DR-A-1461

Block 02, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_04-DR-A-1204

Block 02, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B02_XX-DR-A-2201

Block 02, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B02_XX-DR-A-2202

Block 02, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B02_XX-DR-A-3201

Block 02, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B02_XX-DR-A-3203

Block 02, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_00-DR-A-1200

Block 02, Ground Floor, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B02_00-DR-A-1460

Block 02, Lower Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_B1-DR-A-1250

Block 02, Lower Ground Floor, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B02_B1-DR-A-1463

Block 02, Part V, Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B2_ZZ-DR-A-2460

Block 02, Part V, Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B2_ZZ-DR-A-2461

Block 02, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_RF-DR-A-1205

Block 02, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_02-DR-A-1202

Block 02, Second Floor, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B02_02-DR-A-1462

Block 02, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B02_03-DR-A-1203

Block 02, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B02_ZZ-DR-A-1221

Block 02, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B02_ZZ-DR-A-1222

Block 02, Typologies 03-DCD-RAU-02-B02_ZZ-DR-A-1223

Block 02, Typologies 04-DCD-RAU-02-B02_ZZ-DR-A-1224

Block 03, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_05-DR-A-1305

Block 03, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_01-DR-A-1301

Block 03, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_04-DR-A-1304

Block 03, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-2301

Block 03, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-2302

Block 03, GA Elevations 03-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-2303

Block 03, GA Elevations 04-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-2304

Block 03, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-3301

Block 03, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B03_XX-DR-A-3302

Block 03, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_00-DR-A-1300

Block 03, Lower Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_B1-DR-A-1350

Block 03, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_06-DR-A-1306

Block 03, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_02-DR-A-1302

Block 03, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B03_03-DR-A-1303

Block 03, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B03_ZZ-DR-A-1320

Block 03, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B03_ZZ-DR-A-1321

Block 04, Fifth Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_05-DR-A-1465

Block 04, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_05-DR-A-1405

Block 04, First Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_01-DR-A-1461

Block 04, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_01-DR-A-1401

Block 04, Fourth Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_04-DR-A-1464

Block 04, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_04-DR-A-1404

Block 04, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B04_XX-DR-A-2401

Block 04, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B04_XX-DR-A-2402

Block 04, GA Elevations 03-DCD-RAU-02-B04_XX-DR-A-2403

Block 04, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B04_XX-DR-A-3401

Block 04, Ground Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_00-DR-A-1460

Block 04, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_00-DR-A-1400

Block 04, Lower Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_B1-DR-A-1450

Block 04, Part V, Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-06-B04_ZZ-DR-A-2461

Block 04, Part V, Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-06-B04_ZZ-DR-A-2462

Block 04, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_06-DR-A-1406

Block 04, Second Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_02-DR-A-1462

Block 04, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_02-DR-A-1402

Block 04, Third Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-06-B04_03-DR-A-1463

Block 04, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B04_03-DR-A-1403

Block 04, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B04_ZZ-DR-A-1420

Block 04, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B04_ZZ-DR-A-1421

Block 04, Typologies 03-DCD-RAU-02-B04_ZZ-DR-A-1422

Block 05, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_05-DR-A-1505

Block 05, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_01-DR-A-1501

Block 05, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_04-DR-A-1504

Block 05, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B05_XX-DR-A-2501

Block 05, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B05_XX-DR-A-2502

Block 05, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B05_XX-DR-A-3501

Block 05, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B05_XX-DR-A-3502

Block 05, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_00-DR-A-1500

Block 05, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_RF-DR-A-1506

Block 05, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_02-DR-A-1502

Block 05, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B05_03-DR-A-1503

Block 05, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B05_ZZ-DR-A-1520

Block 05, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B05_ZZ-DR-A-1521

Block 06, First Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B06_01-DR-A-1661

Block 06, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B06_01-DR-A-1601

Block 06, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-2601

Block 06, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-2602

Block 06, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-3601

Block 06, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-3602

Block 06, Ground Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B06_00-DR-A-1660

Block 06, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B06_00-DR-A-1600

Block 06, Part V, Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-2661

Block 06, Part V, Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B06_XX-DR-A-2662

Block 06, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B06_RF-DR-A-1604

Block 06, Second Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B06_02-DR-A-1662

Block 06, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B06_02-DR-A-1602

Block 06, Third Floor Plan, Part V-DCD-RAU-02-B06_03-DR-A-1663

Block 06, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B06_03-DR-A-1603

Block 06, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B06_ZZ-DR-A-1620

Block 06, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B06_ZZ-DR-A-1621

Block 07, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_05-DR-A-1705

Block 07, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_01-DR-A-1701

Block 07, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_04-DR-A-1704

Block 07, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B07_XX-DR-A-2701

Block 07, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B07_XX-DR-A-2702

Block 07, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B07_XX-DR-A-3701

Block 07, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B07_XX-DR-A-3702

Block 07, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_00-DR-A-1700

Block 07, Roof GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_RF-DR-A-1706

Block 07, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_02-DR-A-1702

Block 07, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B07_03-DR-A-1703

Block 07, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B07_ZZ-DR-A-1720

Block 07, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B07_ZZ-DR-A-1721

Block 07, Typologies 03-DCD-RAU-02-B07_ZZ-DR-A-1722

Block 08, First Floor, GA Plans-DCD-RAU-02-B08_00-DR-A-1801

Block 08, GA Elevations & Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B08_XX-DR-A-2800

Block 08, GA Elevations & Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B08_XX-DR-A-2801

Block 08, Ground Floor, GA Plans-DCD-RAU-02-B08_00-DR-A-1800

Block 08, Roof Plans-DCD-RAU-02-B08_RF-DR-A-1803

Block 08, Second Floor, GA Plans-DCD-RAU-02-B08_02-DR-A-1802

Block 09, First Floor, GA Plans, East-DCD-RAU-02-B09_01-DR-A-1903

Block 09, First Floor, GA Plans, West-DCD-RAU-02-B09_01-DR-A-1902

Block 09, GA Elevations & Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B09_XX-DR-A-2900

Block 09, GA Elevations & Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B09_XX-DR-A-2901

Block 09, Ground Floor, GA Plans, East-DCD-RAU-02-B09_00-DR-A-1901

Block 09, Ground Floor, GA Plans, West-DCD-RAU-02-B09_00-DR-A-1900

Block 09, Part V, Elevations-DCD-RAU-02-B09_XX-DR-A-2960

Block 09, Part V, Floor Plans-DCD-RAU-02-B09_ZZ-DR-A-1960

Block 09, Roof Plans, East-DCD-RAU-02-B09_RF-DR-A-1907

Block 09, Roof Plans, West-DCD-RAU-02-B09_RF-DR-A-1906

Block 09, Second Floor, GA Plans, East-DCD-RAU-02-B09_02-DR-A-1905

Block 09, Second Floor, GA Plans, West-DCD-RAU-02-B09_02-DR-A-1904

Block 09, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B09_ZZ-DR-A-1920

Block 10, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_05-DR-A-1105

Block 10, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_01-DR-A-1101

Block 10, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_04-DR-A-1104

Block 10, GA Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-B10_XX-DR-A-2101

Block 10, GA Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-B10_XX-DR-A-2102

Block 10, GA Sections 01-DCD-RAU-02-B10_XX-DR-A-3101

Block 10, GA Sections 02-DCD-RAU-02-B10_XX-DR-A-3102

Block 10, GA Sections 03-DCD-RAU-02-B10_XX-DR-A-3103

Block 10, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_00-DR-A-1100

Block 10, Lower Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_B1-DR-A-1099

Block 10, Roof, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_RF-DR-A-1106

Block 10, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_02-DR-A-1102

Block 10, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-B10_03-DR-A-1103

Block 10, Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B10_ZZ-DR-A-1970

Block 10, Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B10_ZZ-DR-A-1971

Block 8 & Block 9 Typologies 01-DCD-RAU-02-B08_ZZ-DR-A-1820

Block 8 Typologies 02-DCD-RAU-02-B08_ZZ-DR-A-1821

District Heating, Plans, Elevations & Sections-DCD-RAU-ZZ-SW_XX-DR-A-1051

Existing Hospital Cross Section-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-2700

Gate Lodge, Plans, Elevations & Sections, Existing-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2650

Gate Lodge, Plans, Elevations & Sections, Proposed-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2651

Hospital & Block 02 Cross Section-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-2701

Site Location Map, Existing-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1000

Site Plan, Building Heights, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1005

Site Plan, Demolition Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1003

Site Plan, Existing-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1001

Site Plan, Open Space Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1004

Site Plan, Outline Phasing Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-1006

Site Plan, Proposed Wall Removal, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2600

Site Plan, Proposed, Masterplan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1050

Site Plan, Proposed, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1002

Site Plan, Taking in Charge Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-1007

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Annavile Grove-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2620

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Dundrum Road 01, Existing-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2612

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Dundrum Road 01, Proposed-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2613

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Dundrum Road 02, Existing-DCD-RAU-ZZ-SW_XX-DR-A-2614

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Dundrum Road 02, Proposed-DCD-RAU-ZZ-SW_XX-DR-A-2615

Site Wide, Boundary Wall, Proposed Alterations-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2610

Site Wide, Contiguous Elevations, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-2001

Site Wide, Dundrum Road and Rosemount Green-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2611

Site Wide, Fifth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_05-DR-A-1025

Site Wide, Fifth Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_05-DR-A-1555

Site Wide, First Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_01-DR-A-1021

Site Wide, First Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_01-DR-A-1551

Site Wide, Fourth Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_04-DR-A-1024

Site Wide, Fourth Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_04-DR-A-1554

Site Wide, Ground Floor, Bicycle Parking Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-1012

Site Wide, Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_00-DR-A-1020

Site Wide, Ground Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_00-DR-A-1550

Site Wide, Lower Ground Floor, Bicycle Parking Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-1011

Site Wide, Lower Ground Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_B1-DR-A-1019

Site Wide, Lower Ground Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_B1-DR-A-1556

Site Wide, Parking Plan, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-1010

Site Wide, Second Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_02-DR-A-1022

Site Wide, Second Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_02-DR-A-1552

Site Wide, Sections 01, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-3001

Site Wide, Sections 02, SHD-DCD-RAU-02-SW_ZZ-DR-A-3002

Site Wide, Third Floor, GA Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_03-DR-A-1023

Site Wide, Third Floor, Part V Plan-DCD-RAU-02-SW_03-DR-A-1553

Site Wide, Walled Garden, Existing-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2631

Site Wide, Walled Garden, Proposed-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2632

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 01-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2601

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 02-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2602

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 03-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2603

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 04-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2604

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 05-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2605

Site Wide. Boundary Wall Survey Elevations 06-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2606

Wall Demolition, North East of Hospital Building-DCD-RAU-02-SW_XX-DR-A-2633